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Dare to Dream

Bodor is the number 1 sales leader of fiber laser machines WORLDWIDE.


Laser Cutting Applications

Thick plate cutting

Flat Plate Cutting

All-around protective housing keeps operators safe from smoke, dust, and radiation. The Focal position is automatically adjusted according to the cutting process and sheet thickness. Double-fast exchange tables maximize efficiency. Automatic nozzle changing within 35 seconds Automatic lens cleaning. High-speed oxygen cutting. Integral pressure cast aluminum crossbeam is light and rigid

Tube cutting

Tube Cutting

Pneumatic chucks use precision screw drive to control position and torque, ensuring accurate clamping without deformation. Slender nozzle design for complicated cuts. Variable diameter roller prevents tubes from shaking side-to-side. Four-sided edge searching for cutting precision and stability. Contour recognition is utilized in 0.8 seconds by an auto-focus laser head. Fully automatic loading and unloading are available.

plate tube cutter

Plate and Tube Cutter

TWO MACHINES IN ONE cut flat plate and steel tube on one affordable laser machine. Featuring a cast iron bed, automatic nozzle changer, automatic edge location, part tip-up collision avoidance, redundant safety features, one-click processing to eliminate errors and increase productivity, 24-hour virtual support, and local consumables, parts, and service support year-round.

P+i Tower

Automated Material Handling

Run “lights out” and increase profit by loading and unloading material automatically. Material handling automation increases productivity, throughput, and efficiency while saving time and money. Bodor’s material handling automation equipment is designed to integrate and perform seamlessly with every Bodor fiber laser cutting product.

Feature Highlights



Border Laser Head: Carrying a wide focus range for cutting various materials.
Sharp-pointed Laser Head: Made for diminishing tail materials, more convenient processing of special-shaped tubes, quicker follow-up response, and no collision.

anti collision

Active Anti-collision Function

Fiber laser heads detect jutting obstacles, effectively reducing the damage rate and saving the maintenance cost of a laser cutter.

nozzle changer

Automatic Nozzle Changer

The fiber laser automatic nozzle changes within 35 seconds, a time cost savings of 50% or more.

Bodor CNC

Bodor Thinker

Robust compatibility and processing ability with a user-friendly system interface maintain reliability and overall cutting performance.

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