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Loaders, Transports, & Towers


We take immense pride in offering a comprehensive range of products designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our commitment to excellence and innovation ensures our products deliver exceptional performance, durability, and precision.


Plate Loaders


The iLoader presents an intelligent sheet-separating mechanism, ensuring seamless loading by preventing sheets from getting stuck during processing. Its high-strength linear structure exhibits exceptional rigidity and superior loading capacity, accommodating single sheets with a maximum thickness of 20mm. With flexible loading capabilities, it effortlessly handles sheets of various sizes and types. Safety is paramount, as the iLoader incorporates a safety interlock feature to mitigate the risk of irreversible accidents.

iloader-2.0-45-degree top view of left rear side_800

iLoader Eco

Designed with modularity in mind, the iLoader-eco offers effortless assembly thanks to its modular design. Its compact size and lightweight nature facilitate easy installation. The manual control system allows for simple operation, enabling users to lift and release precisely using control levers. The iLoader-eco boasts automatic braking functionality, ensuring reliable and robust braking under heavier load conditions.

Tube Loaders

T Loader

The T Loader is a semi-automatic loading system offering efficient and continuous processing operations. Manual tube placement is required before automated tubes are transferred to the processing area. This system allows for simultaneous preparation of the next tube while the processing of the current tube is being executed, ensuring a seamless workflow.

With its user-friendly interface, the T Loader enables easy processing set-up with just one click. Additionally, it is equipped with a smart alarm system that triggers an alert when the material is running low, notifying the operator to take necessary action.

K Loader

The K Loader is a professional semi-automatic loading device that provides flexible loading capabilities, automatic tube detection and clamping, and intelligent operation features, It’s designed to optimize efficiency and streamline tube loading processes, making it a valuable tool for various industrial applications.

M Loader

The M Loader is a semi-automated loading device that offers smart processing, a semi-automatic loading system, and flexible loading capabilities. With its user-friendly interface, efficient workflow, and ability to handle various tube types and sizes, the M Loader is a valuable tool for optimizing tube loading operations in a range of industrial applications.


Plate Transports


Our state-of-the-art iTrans system revolutionizes the loading and unloading process with its fully automated capabilities. Streamlining the loading and unloading operations saves valuable time and reduces reliance on manual labor. The iTrans system’s flexible layout accommodates both left and right placements, offering versatile on-site layout methods. Its high-strength linear structure, characterized by exceptional rigidity and enhanced loading capacity, enables the loading of single sheets with a maximum thickness of 25mm.

iTrans Tower view 1-800

Tube Transports

T Trans

T Trans is a professional automatic tube-loading device that offers flexible loading abilities, automatic tube detection and clamping, and intelligent operation features. It can easily load tubes ranging from 3m to 9.2m in length, with diameters ranging from 20mm to 230mm. With its ability to manage various tube types and sizes, seamless loading transitions, and user-friendly interface, the T Trans is a reliable tool for optimizing tube loading operations in a professional setting.

K Trans

The K Trans is an automatic loading device that offers smart processing, effortless automatic loading, and versatile loading capabilities. It can process tubes with diameters ranging from Φ20mm to Φ120mm and lengths from 5500mm to 6500mm. With its user-friendly interface, alarm system for low material detection, and ability to handle different tube sizes and types, the K Trans is a valuable tool for optimizing tube loading operations in various industries and manufacturing settings.

M Trans

T M Trans is a professional automatic tube-loading device that offers a range of features to enhance efficiency and streamline tube-loading operations. With its flexible loading capabilities, the M Trans can easily manage tubes ranging from 3m to 6.5m in length, with diameters spanning from 20mm to 230mm. This versatility allows various tube types to be processed, including round, square, and rectangular tubes, among others. With its adaptability to manage differing tube sizes, seamless loading process, and user-friendly interface, the M Trans is a valuable tool for optimizing tube loading operations in numerous industries and manufacturing settings.


Plate Towers


The iTower offers intelligent control, allowing for collaborative operation between the loading/unloading system and the laser-cutting machine. It provides options for fully automated circular processing or single-cycle processing. With automated loading capabilities, the storage tower prepares steel sheets required for the next process and places them on the pre-loading table based on process distributions.

iTrans Tower view 1-800

iTrans Tower

The iTrans Tower offers vertical storage for sheet materials, utilizing multi-layer storage racks to optimize space. With fully automated loading and unloading capabilities, it streamlines the processing workflow, saving valuable time and reducing the need for manual labor.


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