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Fiber Laser Tube Cutting

Our laser tube-cutting services offer unparalleled precision and efficiency in the industrial cutting field. We provide versatile solutions for various tube materials, shapes, and sizes. The laser beam’s focused heat allows for clean and accurate cuts, minimizing material waste and reducing the need for additional finishing processes. With its exceptional cutting speed and accuracy, our laser tube-cutting services allow for intricate designs, complex geometries, and tight tolerances.

Key Features

  • Pneumatic chucks with precision screw drive controlling position and torque
  • Slender nozzle design
  • Variable diameter roller
  • Four-side edge searching
  • Contour recognition utilizing in 0.8 seconds
  • Auto-focus laser head
  • Fully automatic loading and unloading

Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machines: Precision and Versatility for Your Fabrication Needs

The laser tube cutting service begins with inputting precise specifications into the laser cutting system’s software. This software translates the design into machine-readable instructions, ensuring the laser beam follows the desired path accurately. The laser beam emits a concentrated heat source, melting and vaporizing the material along the predetermined cutting line.

Our fiber-laser tube cutting machines provide exceptional control, allowing for intricate and complex cuts, including bevels, miters, and chamfers. This precision level ensures the resulting tube components fit seamlessly into the intended application, whether for structural support or fluid transportation.

Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machines: Assessment and Repair

The assessment process for laser tube cutting applications involves a thorough evaluation of the customer’s specific requirements and project goals, including determining the desired tube dimensions, material type, and quantity needed. Once the assessment is complete, we utilize state-of-the-art laser cutting machines with advanced software and controls to execute precise cuts. These machines handle various tube sizes and shapes, ensuring flexibility to accommodate different project needs. We employ factory-trained service technicians to ensure your machine’s optimal performance.

The repair process for laser tube cutting services involves a comprehensive equipment evaluation to identify any issues or malfunctions. This includes inspecting the laser source, optics, and motion systems to ensure they function properly.

Testing Process

Once the problem is diagnosed, our technicians utilize their expertise to perform the necessary repairs and replacements. They follow industry-standard procedures and use high-quality replacement parts to restore the equipment to its optimal condition. After the repair process, thorough testing is conducted to verify the functionality and performance of the laser tube-cutting system.

In terms of testing methods, we utilize a range of techniques to ensure the quality and accuracy of our laser tube-cutting services. This includes conducting dimensional inspections to verify the cut tubes meet the specified tolerances and dimensions.

Additionally, we perform material analysis to ensure the integrity and composition of the cut tubes. This testing process helps identify potential defects or inconsistencies and allows for necessary adjustments or corrections. Our company employs rigorous testing methods to ensure that our laser tube-cutting services deliver precise and reliable results.


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