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Plate Cutting Machines

Prepare to explore the realm of plate-cutting machines with the I Series, P Series, and H Series. These cutting-edge CNC plate-cutting machines offer diverse capabilities to cater to various industrial needs. From the exceptional precision and efficiency of the I Series to the heightened productivity of the P Series and the expansive working area of the H Series, our machines are designed to streamline operations and optimize cutting processes. By incorporating advanced technology and innovative features, our CNC plate-cutting machines are at the forefront of the industry.


I Series

The Bodor I Series laser cutting machine presents a compact yet robust solution for your production requirements. It is engineered to maximize performance while minimizing space utilization, seamlessly integrating into your existing setup. This environmentally friendly machine enhances operational efficiency by optimizing material flow and reducing power consumption, making it a cost-effective and eco-conscious choice.

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P Series

Get ready to take your productivity to the next level with the Bodor P Series fiber laser cutting machine. This cutting-edge equipment enables you to automate your cutting tasks effortlessly, saving valuable time and significantly boosting productivity.


H Series

Bodor H Series laser metal cutting machine is ideal for large-scale laser metal cutting tasks. It offers a generous working area that can accommodate oversized metal sheets, making it perfect for industries that require extensive cutting capabilities. With its high-power fiber laser source, the H Series ensures fast and precise processing of materials such as stainless steel, carbon steel, and aluminum, efficiently meeting the diverse needs of various industries.

Tube Cutting Machines

Our lineup of tube-cutting machines represents the epitome of innovation and precision engineering in the manufacturing industry. These advanced machines offer a wide range of capabilities designed to meet the ever-evolving demands of modern manufacturing processes.

Whether it’s the cost-effective entry point of the K Series, the high-performance versatility of the T Series, or the maximum capacity flagship product, the M Series, our machines cater to a diverse range of cutting requirements.


K Series

The K Series is an introductory-level fiber laser metal tube-cutting machine that reduces laser-cutting expenses and is straightforward to operate. It presents a budget-friendly resolution for tube-cutting procedures, making it well-suited for enterprises aiming to enhance their cutting operations.


T Series

The T Series embodies a versatile fiber laser metal tube-cutting machine that provides a multitude of function choices for different tube-cutting procedures. Its adaptability and high-performance capabilities make it a valuable asset for industries with a wide array of cutting requirements. The T Series is engineered to deliver accurate and efficient outcomes, guaranteeing optimal performance across a range of applications.

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M Series

The M Series is the pinnacle of fiber laser metal tube-cutting machines, providing unparalleled capacity to fulfill any tube-cutting needs. With a range of options for tube-cutting lengths and unloading lengths, the M Series offers exceptional versatility and efficiency to tackle even the most complex cutting requirements. Its state-of-the-art technology and sturdy construction establish it as the premier choice for industries in search of superior and dependable tube-cutting solutions.

Plate and Tube Cutting Machines

Our plate and tube-cutting machines provide unmatched precision and the ability to create intricate designs. Discover how our products highlight the distinct benefits of these remarkable machines, establishing them as indispensable tools for precise fabrication and manufacturing processes. Our Bodor CT Series combines cost-effective plate and tube-cutting capabilities into a single, integrated product.


CT Series

Bodor CT Series stands as a multifaceted apparatus capable of accommodating both plate metal and tube cutting, effectively meeting a diverse array of processing requirements. Its remarkable efficacy and cost-efficiency establish it as a precious asset in plate and tube cutting.

Automated Material Handling

Our Automated Material Handling Capabilities are a testament to our commitment to efficiency and productivity in the manufacturing industry. With our state-of-the-art automation systems, we have revolutionized the way materials are handled in the production process. By integrating advanced robotics and intelligent software, we have streamlined material flow, reduced manual labor, and minimized human error.

Our automated material handling solutions ensure seamless coordination between different stages of production, optimizing throughput and enabling faster turnaround times. Whether loading and unloading materials, transferring parts between workstations, or managing inventory, our automated systems provide reliable and precise handling solutions.

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Loaders, Transports, & Towers

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The iLoader introduces an intelligent mechanism for separating sheets, guaranteeing smooth loading by preventing any instances of sheet jamming during processing. Its linear structure, known for its high strength and exceptional rigidity, enables it to handle single sheets with a maximum thickness of 20mm. With its versatile loading capabilities, it effortlessly accommodates sheets of different sizes and types. Safety is a top priority, as the iLoader incorporates a safety interlock feature to minimize the risk of irreversible accidents.

iLoader-eco - Auxiliary Loading Device

iLoader Eco

Engineered with modularity as a key consideration, the iLoader Eco offers effortless assembly due to its modular design. Its compact size and lightweight nature ensure easy installation. The manual control system allows for simple operation, empowering users to lift and release precisely using control levers. The iLoader Eco also boasts automatic braking functionality, ensuring reliable and robust braking under heavy load conditions.

iTrans - Fully Automatic Loading and Unloading System


Our cutting-edge iTrans system completely transforms the loading and unloading process with its fully automated capabilities. Streamlining these operations saves valuable time and reduces the need for manual labor. The iTrans system’s flexible layout allows for versatile on-site placement, accommodating both left and right configurations. Its robust linear structure, known for its exceptional rigidity and enhanced loading capacity, enables the loading of single sheets with a maximum thickness of 25mm.

iTower - Single-Module Storage Tower


The iTower is equipped with intelligent control, enabling seamless collaboration between the loading/unloading systems and the laser-cutting machine. It offers the option for fully automated circular processing or single-cycle processing. With its automated loading capabilities, the storage tower prepares the required steel sheet for the pre-lading table based on process distributions.

iTrans Tower - Intelligent Loading and Unloading

iTrans Tower

The iTrans Tower is an incredible solution for vertical storage of sheet materials. It uses multi-layer storage racks to maximize space efficiency. Its fully automated loading and unloading capabilities streamlines the processing workflow, saving valuable time and minimizing reliance on manual labor.

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