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Sheet and Tube Metal Cutting Machine

CT Series


The Bodor CT Series is a versatile machine that can handle sheet metal and tube cutting, catering to a wide range of processing needs. Its exceptional efficiency and cost-effectiveness make it a valuable asset in the field of metal cutting.

One smart investment for diverse metal processing needs

Dual Cutting Capability

Seamlessly switch between sheet and tube cutting, providing unmatched flexibility in metal processing.

Cost Effectiveness

The CT Series offers an excellent balance of price and performance, ensuring maximum return on investment.

Cutting with Precision

Advanced technology guarantees precise and high-quality cuts, delivering exceptional results.

User-Friendly Operation

With features like one-click processing and smart remnant layout, the machine is designed for easy operation, reducing labor intensity.

All-Around Protection

The comprehensive design and laser protective glass ensure the safety of operators.


Features and Enhancements

Active obstacle avoidance system

BodorGenius, Bodor’s intelligent laser head, utilizes sensors and algorithms to detect potential obstacles such as tilting parts. By automatically avoiding collisions during the cutting process, it ensures stability and operational efficiency.

One-Click Processing

With the CT Series, you can easily set up your tasks in advance and let the machine take care of the rest. Once the operation begins, the CT series will automatically perform edge searching, range checking, and cutting one after another. This allows for efficient batch production without the need for repetitive procedures.

Anti-Burning Mineral Casting

Bodor has developed a new anti-burning casting material that offers several advantages in slag removal, operations, and modular design. When used, material residue automatically separates from the anti-burning plate, resulting in lower maintenance costs and improved durability. Additionally, its lightweight structure facilitates easy replacement.

Lightning Piercing

The technology enables rapid and precise piercing with reduced time. It incorporates monitored processes for enhanced efficiency, focus adjustment for precise piercing, and seamless integration with BodorGenius.

Self-Centering Pneumatic Chuck

This chuck offers rapid clamping capabilities, allowing the clamping process to be completed in just 2 seconds. Its gear transmission structure ensures stable operation and an extended service life. With a stable and strong load-bearing design, the CT Series can precisely control speed and clamping force, eliminating deformation and accuracy deviation for thin-walled tubes.

Intelligent Remnant Layout

To maximize material utilization, simply upload pictures of the remnant to the control system using your mobile phone. The CT series can automatically position and nest the remnants, resulting in higher utilization percentages and more cost-effective processes. Enjoy the benefits of significantly increased cost savings with this intelligent feature.

Nesting Software Compatible with Tekla

The nesting software for the CT Series is highly compatible with Tekla, streamlining your workflow by effortlessly reading material specifications from Tekla files. This smart software simplifies the cutting process by optimizing material utilization, ensuring maximum efficiency and waste reduction.



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