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Compact Laser Cutting Machine

i Series


Explore where functionality meets space-saving. The Bodor I Series Compact Sheet Metal Cutting Machine combines functionality and space-saving design. This compact laser-cutting machine is perfect for maximizing productivity without taking up excessive floor space. Its condensed size allows for efficient utilization of your production line.


Big Things Come in Small Packages

The I Series is designed to occupy minimal floor space while delivering outstanding performance. Its compact and flexible design ensures it seamlessly integrates into your existing production setup without compromising productivity. This compact laser-cutting machine proves big things can indeed come in small packages.


One of the key advantages of the Bodor I Series is its eco-friendliness. The fully enclosed design enhances processing efficiency and reduces power consumption. By optimizing material flow and increasing operational safety, the I Series ensures economical processing and faster performance.


The Bodor I Series demonstrates exceptional productivity through its compact system and intelligent functions. Bodor’s intelligent laser head, known as BodorGenius, utilizes sensors and algorithms to detect potential obstacles, such as tilting parts and automatically avoids collisions. This feature ensures stability and efficiency during the cutting process.

i Series Features and Enhancements

Lightning Piercing

The Bodor I Series comes equipped with various features and enhancements that further enhance its performance. One such feature is lightning piercing, which offers rapid and precise piercing in a reduced amount of time. This technology integrates with BodorGenius, enabling quick piercing synchronized with the cutting head’s movement. This optimization results in efficient operations for medium-thick plates without any additional time or motion.

Innovative Control System

The I Series is equipped with an innovative control system that enhances operational efficiency. It allows for precise focus adjustment and efficiency-monitored processes, ensuring optimal cutting results. With its intelligent features and advanced control system, the compact laser cutting machine is a reliable and efficient choice for your production needs.

Intelligent Remnant Layout and Overheating Offset

The I Series offers intelligent remnant layout capabilities. You can upload cutting shapes via your mobile device, and the machine automatically positions and nests the shapes to achieve maximum material utilization. The I Series also includes an overheating offset function, stabilizing the laser beam focal point while cutting thick sheet metal.

Anti-burning Mineral Casting Plate

The I Series is equipped with Bodor’s anti-burning plate, which is made from mineral casting. This plate provides numerous advantages, including improved slag removal, operational efficiency, modular design, fire resistance, and hardness. It prevents damage to the machine bed caused by material residue, reducing maintenance costs and offering better durability. Its lightweight structure also facilitates easy replacement during regular maintenance.


Specifications and Parameters:

  • Model i7 i5
  • Working Area 120”x60” 39”x59”
  • Laser Power 12kW/6kW/3kW/1.5kW 6kW/3kW/1.5kW
  • Positioning Accuracy ±0.001968” ±0.001968”
  • Repositioning accuracy ±0.001181″ ±0.001181″
  • Max. linkage speed 3582”/min 3582”/min


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