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Laser Metal Cutting Machine

H Series


The Bodor H Series laser metal cutting machine is an ultra-large format sheet fiber laser machine that is the premier choice for large-scale laser metal cutting applications. With its impressive cutting capabilities and advanced technology, this machine offers unparalleled precision and efficiency in handling large metal sheets. The H Series is designed with a spacious working area, allowing for processing oversized metal sheets, thus catering to the needs of industries requiring extensive cutting capacities.

Equipped with a high-power fiber laser source, the Bodor H Series delivers exceptional cutting performance, enabling swift and accurate processing of various metal materials including the following:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Carbon Steel
  • Aluminum
  • And more

The machine’s cutting speed is optimized to ensure optimal productivity without compromising precision, making it a reliable and efficient solution for industries such as manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, and more.

Features and Enhancements

10kW+ Cutting Process Package

This cutting process package is designed to optimize the performance of the laser metal cutting machine. It ensures faster carbon steel oxygen cutting, more efficient low-pressure stainless steel nitrogen cutting, and improved quality in carbon steel air cutting.

Active Anti-Collision Function

The fiber laser heads are equipped to detect cutting obstacles, effectively reducing damage and minimizing maintenance costs associated with the laser cutter.

Bodor Lightning

This feature combines a lightning-quick piercing process with BodorGenius, enabling the laser cutter head to complete the entire piercing motion as it moves down the Z-axis. This integration enhances efficiency and precision.


Pyramid Structure Crossbeam

The laser cutter crossbeam incorporates an optimal bionic honeycomb cavity design and a triangle pyramid outer wall. This design provides a lightweight structure with strong rigidity, faster response speed, and minimal deformation.

Enhanced Safety with Cross Beam Cover

The protective cover over the crossbeam ensures safe operation and equipment usage. The lightweight design maintains stability while guaranteeing speed.

Bodor Thinker

BodorThinker is a high-end intelligent control system for CNC laser cutters. It offers reliable stability, convenient installation and adjustment, safe production, multiple functionality, and robust performance. With BodorThinker, your laser cutting solutions can be modular, customized, automated, and information-based.


Specifications and Parameters:

  • Large Format Gantry Enclosed Laser Cutting Machine
  • Model H3000-24 H3000-20 H3000-16 H3000-12
  • Working Area 964“x125“ 807″x125″ 649″x125″ 492″x125″
  • Laser Power 60kW/30kW/24kW/12kW
  • Positioning Accuracy 0.000787″
  • Repositioning accuracy 0.000393″
  • Max. linkage speed 3149″/min


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