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Fiber Laser Metal Tube Cutting Machine

T Series


The T Series fiber laser metal tube-cutting machine offers a versatile solution for a wide range of tube-cutting applications. With its array of function options, this machine excels in various tube-cutting processes, providing flexibility and efficiency in metal fabrication tasks.

Function Enhancement

Gas-saving Nozzle with Steady Flow

Cutting performance and efficiency are enhanced by maintaining gas flow steady with little turbulence. This feature ensures precise and clean cuts, contributing to the overall quality of the cutting process.

Bodor Lightning

This functionality integrates a rapid piercing procedure with BodorGenius, allowing the laser-cutting head to execute the entire piercing action while descending along the Z-axis. Such integration significantly boosts operational efficiency and accuracy.

Angle Steel and Channel Steel Cutting

Angle steel and channel steel cutting capabilities are standard features, eliminating the need for additional installation. This standardization provides convenience and versatility in metal-cutting processes.

Four-side Edge Searching, Higher Precision

The Four-side Edge Searching gesture utilizes an optimized edge searching method and algorithm to ensure higher cutting precision and better steadiness of the laser cutter.

T-Blanking rack-fiber-laser-metal-tube-cutting

Mechanical Configuration

Specialized Laser Head BodorGenius T

The slender nozzle allows for precise cutting of various tube types, including special-shaped tubes like H-Beam, P-Beam, and I-Beam. This nozzle design enables the laser tube cutter to navigate complex shapes with ease, ensuring accurate cuts for a wide range of applications.

Pneumatic Chuck

The Pneumatic Chuck enhances the clamping process of the cutting machine, offering convenience, speed, and precision. With a clamping time as short as 3 seconds, operators can quickly secure materials for cutting, resulting in improved operational efficiency and consistent cutting quality.



BodorThinker represents a sophisticated intelligent control system designed for CNC laser cutters. It offers a combination of reliable stability, user-friendly installation and adjustments, safe production practices, diverse functionality, and robust performance. By incorporating BodorThinker into your laser cutting setup, you can achieve a modular, customized, automated, and information-driven approach to laser cutting solutions.


With BodorMES, the integration of manufacturing information is revolutionized. This system enables comprehensive management of orders, production processes, pricing, equipment utilization, and cost analysis, facilitating transparent, visualized, and quantifiable production operations.

BodorNest Tube

BodorNest Tube software offers exceptional convenience by allowing offline usage and encompassing all aspects of processing and setup. It supports the processing of various special-shaped tubes, including channel steel and I-Beam, enhancing the versatility and efficiency of tube fabrication processes.

Bodor CNC


Industrial Design Award Winner

Recognized as the recipient of the prestigious “Oscar in Design,” the M Series has secured its place among the top three world industrial design award winners, highlighting its exceptional design and innovation in the industry.

Remote Control

Featuring a sleek mango-shaped design and a convenient magnetic securing mechanism, the remote control for the M Series enables effortless single-handed operation. This ergonomic design enhances user experience and streamlines control functions for increased efficiency during laser cutting operations.


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