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Industries Served

Since 1970, we have been a leading manufacturer of high-quality industrial palms and oxy-fuel cutting machines. With our precision engineering and cutting-edge technology, we provide reliable solutions for a wide range of industries.


Steel Welding

Our cutting machines are essential to producing precise and efficient steel components that ensure high-quality fabrication results. With our advanced cutting capabilities, our machines enable steel fabricators to create intricate designs and shapes, meeting the demands of diverse projects. Our machines offer versatility in steel fabrication, allowing for heavy-duty structural steel and fine thin sheet metal cutting.


Steel Coil

Our machines enable sophisticated cutting of steel plates, sheets, and profiles. By utilizing our machines, steel processors can improve productivity and reduce material waste, resulting in cost-effective operations. Our machines can cut various thicknesses of steel, providing flexibility for steel processors to meet the specific requirements of our clients.


Equipment Manufacturing

Our cutting machines are invaluable in equipment manufacturing because they can efficiently cut metal components used in machinery and equipment. By incorporating our machines into manufacturing processes, equipment manufacturers can ensure high-quality cuts, enhancing their products’ overall performance and durability. Our machines offer customization options, further enabling equipment manufacturers to create complex metal parts to meet the unique specifications of their equipment.



Our heavy industrial cutting machines are indispensable in the construction industry and guarantee precise cutting of steel beams, plates, and other structural components. With their advanced technology and robust construction, our machines deliver reliable performance, ensuring accurate cuts for construction projects of all scales. Whether for building bridges, skyscrapers, or residential structures, our cutting machines provide the necessary precision and speed to meet construction industry demands.


Ship Building

Our cutting machines are instrumental in fabricating steel plates and sections for ship construction and various vessel components in the shipbuilding industry. Their ability to handle large-scale tasks contributes to the timely production of shipbuilding materials, enhancing the overall efficiency of the shipbuilding process. Our cutting devices offer shipbuilders the flexibility to work with different steel grades and thicknesses, meeting the shipbuilding industry’s stringent requirements and quality standards.



Our cutting machines play a vital role in the mining industry, enabling optimized cutting of heavy-duty materials such as steel plates, pipes, and profiles used in mining equipment and infrastructure. With their powerful construction and advanced cutting technology, our machines ensure reliable cuts, contributing to the durability and performance of mining machinery and structures. By utilizing our cutting machines, mining companies can enhance productivity, reduce material waste, and maintain high-quality mining operations.



In the agricultural sector, our cutting machines provide essential solutions for precise metal components used in agricultural machinery, equipment, and structures. By integrating our machines into their manufacturing processes, agricultural equipment manufacturers can ensure the accuracy and durability of their products, contributing to the productivity and efficiency of farming operations. Our machines offer versatility in cutting various agricultural metals, allowing these manufacturers to meet the specific needs and challenges of the industry, from small-scale farming to large agricultural operations.


General Manufacturing

Our machines are widely utilized in general manufacturing industries due to their ability to cut various metals used in diverse manufacturing processes. With their advanced technology and customizable features, our cutting machines cater to the specific cutting requirements of different manufacturing sectors, ensuring high-quality results.


Pipe and Vessel

In the pipe and vessel industry, our machines are essential tools for the precision cutting of pipes and vessels used in various sectors, such as oil and gas, chemical processing, and manufacturing. These machines ensure the accurate fabrication of these crucial components, contributing to the overall quality and safety of the end product.



In the transportation industry, our machines play a vital role in manufacturing vehicles, aircraft, and trains. These machines ensure the structural integrity and performance of transportation systems due to their ability to produce precise and efficient cuts. From car frames to airplane wings, our machines contribute to the reliability and safety of transportation infrastructure.

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